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3 min readMay 8, 2021

When it comes to generating sales, we can all agree that this equals generating traffic as it is the main ingredient needed for a business to boom and make sellable products. As a matter of fact, there is really no need to complicate things. YOU JUST CAN NOT MAKE OR GENERATE SALES WITHOUT TRAFFIC, that is like the number rule of marketing. Traffic is needed, there are no if’s or but’s, there are no two ways around that, no traffic, your business is dead. No one but you would know it exists. That is why I’m introducing you to the new age of “Instant Traffic App”

The instant traffic app is a software that was founded by Bill McRea also known as Depotgang on the 5th of May, 2021. Instant traffic app is an self-working system which anyone could use on any affiliate dashboard. It literally has everything you need to start generating sales and getting a constant flow of cash.

Instant traffic app has different types of commissions which means you can get money by gathering an e-mail list, YouTube, Facebook and other known sources can all be gotten from the Instant Traffic Dashboard. To make things more easy, you can even make or build your list while making commissions this instant

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Why you should get Instant Traffic App

As a newbie, I understand it must be really hard to get people to notice your product or visit your website, in as much or even make a purchase. Yes, there are other ways to drive and generate traffic to your affiliate link but Instant traffic is different. Instant traffic displays or showcases your products worldwide and drives more and more traffic to your link directly without any ads blocking it or disturbing your traffic. Like I said earlier, there are indeed other ways to generate traffic but as long as I know, the instant traffic app is the best for driving traffic.

Finally I’ve found a software that actually makes money! I’ve been getting instant buyer traffic and instant sales! This is life changing — Alan

About creator

Like I mentioned earlier, the name of the person that made this product is Bill McRrea whose stage name is Depotgang. He is the CEO at McCalif systems and has been involved in online marketing since 2002 and lives in USA, Texas. Another products he found is auto commission suite. Click here to know more about Bill McRea

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Advantages of Instant traffic

  • Work from home
  • Single dashboard
  • 100% cloud based — absolutely nothing to install
  • Zero tech skills are needed, no experience needed
  • You can clone all it’s best campaign instantly
  • No monthly fees
  • 60days moneyback guarantee
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • Complete integration with most affiliate platforms(jv zoo, click bank, amazon, warrior plus and so on)
  • Different streams of autopilot income
  • Generate an insane amount of traffic


From anywhere, any age, any background and with any level of experience can succeed. Definitely does not matter if you are a student, unemployed, stay at home person, student, in retirement self employed and so on……The instant traffic can definitely turn your life around for good today.

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